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What do you do in your free time?

Art has always been something I turn to when I am looking for a peaceful & quiet time for myself.

To paint is meditative for me. I enter a different vibration and a different world and I forget about time and space and is feeling one with my painting.

The colors and the details is something I choose intuitively. I never make a plan I follow. And when I make a mistake the mistake leads the way.

What happens happens and it becomes part of the art journey.

So much difference from when I am tattooing - when no mistakes can or should happen. Where A lot of pressure, skills & perfection is forcing ALL my focus on that moment.

The difference in art is complete freedom And letting go of the pressure.

How would you describe your way of painting?

Or anything you do that take you to that special peaceful place where your mind and the reality is woven together and you fly away in time and space?

Here is something i have been working on for some time now.

Close to an end.

To paint is helpful for me to express emotions, feelings, thoughts etc.

I wrote this poem yesterday about this painting that I choose to name ’The Healer’

’The healer

Grief, anger, sorrow, emptiness, forgiveness, sadness, desire & love. So much love.

The healer of wounds, invisible wounds, kept deep inside the layers of her soul & in the vulnerable body.

The transformation and the healing power of selfcare and self love

She is the healer, the healer of vulnerability and the guru of unconditional self love

She is her own healer’

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