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Vagina flowers & survived two of the darkest and coldest winter months in Sweden

As the title says, I have survived soon two months in Sweden during winter, darkness and cold weather. To be honest, winter, darkness, cold weather, pain in my joints isn't really my favorite season, apart from the sunny blue skies day's, that could be counted on one hand where I have been. (Hence I moved to the land of the everlasting sun) But although the weather I have had a blast tattooing loving and beautiful customers, been having the pleasure to design many amazing and customized designs such as vagina flowers, women empowering tattoo designs, spiritual and memorial designs and pure and simple old school stuff! And its's been a great time visiting my old teacher's shop in Gothenburg, and tattooing out from there while I have been in Sweden! And I have had amazing time catching up with my family and besties from home. Here is little bits and pieces from my stay in Sweden, I have also updated the Tattoo Gallery with more tattoo pictures. With Love & Light Kajsa

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