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News coming!!! My Private Studio Atelier is coming together

So, this is something me and my husband has been working on for some months. The whole building we have rented needed a full facelift of small minor renovations, and most of it was actually done before I travelled to Europe and worked in Sweden in December and January. I have step by step started to move in to my studio atelier that works both at my art atelier and a separate room for my private tattoo studio with the green forest as a backyard. Even if it ain't a jungle (as my big dream is) a green oasis is perfect and very peaceful. I get visits by many animals such as squirrels, birds, butterflies, bats, monkeys and lizards.

Right now it is very empty on the walls, without any art or color.... The reason is, that I still have not decided weather I should create a mural art on one of the walls in the studio room or if I should only hang up my artwork in frames.

But I am ready to tattoo and paint! That is the most important!

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