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About My Tattoo Journey





For those who is new to my tattoo style, I prefer to work in full color.
I am specializing in custom tattooing in a few different styles; old school, new traditional, psychedelic, very colorful, a bit hippie style.
I also enjoy doing linework or dotwork or mixed line and dots, in black only or in color to create beautiful unique vibrant tattoos. (Mehdi style, henna, mandala inspired)

I design from your request with my own ideas and your references, after you made your appointment with a deposit.

Sometimes I have ‘wanna-do’ designs, which means pre-drawn designs that I have doodled.
I will show up on request or bring for my travels, tattoo conventions and for guest spots when I am not already booked out.

I never send the designs in advance.
I will show the design on your appointment-day, if any changes are needed, we do them together.


I use vegan friendly ink and products when I tattoo.

What is a vegan tattoo?

Some might think, is there meat in the ink? No, that isn't how it is.

Vegan products in general is free from any animal products and is Not Animal Tested!

So vegan products can be anything you buy in the supermarket, candy or cosmetics for example.
Simply the same but without cruelty.

In tattooing, there is some tattoo ink, ointments, soaps & cream tattoo that artists use, that contains animal fat, animal bones, some ink contains pigments from certain animals and some razors use lubricant that contains animal parts.
Offcourse treated and well hidden in these products so you wouldn't know just by looking at a tattoo ink bottle that there is body parts inside... 

Then, there is the cruelty in animal testing's.
Which luckily is getting more and more forbidden around the world.

Ingredients like gelatin from animal body parts is being processed into liquid for binding the rest of the ingredients, shellac is used for the red, glycerin from animal fat from their skin is for stabilizing the ink and the smooth shades, burned bone char for the super black ink.
Some Green Soaps, tattoo aftercare ointment / creams & Vaseline has some of the same ingredients inside.

Choosing Vegan products isn't hard.
Most of the products isn't even branded as vegan, but is easy to find out from the manufactory company.

Vegan tattoo products is created by well known brands, without using any of above ingredients, or animal testing - Without cruelty - With similiar or even better results.

Apprenticeship & beginning of my carrier

I started my carrier in Sweden 2006 as an apprentice under Coney Island Demon.
My apprenticeship was a typical American Traditional 2,5 year long.

In early 2010 I opened my first shop, Red Rose Tattoo in Halmstad, where I was working alone, with frequently guest artists from around the world.

In 2013 I moved the shop to Gothenburg and opened my second shop, with my concept to be an all-female tattoo artist resident crew, it was with great success.


Apart from my apprenticeship, I have also taken a numerous courses to learn about Blood borne diseases & Cross Contamination, in European Standards yearly to know and protect myself and my customers better.



In 2017 I decided to sell my studio location in Sweden, the same year I moved to Bali and has been living in Bali since.

As I wanted to focus more on myself, my art, I took a long break from Tattooing and started my recovery from being burned out, on the Island of Gods.

I deep dived to focus in myself, my art and to feel good.

Since 2018 I started to do guest spots in Singapore, Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur and in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

Pre Covid, I travelled about 3 times every year to Sweden and work 4-5 weeks per visit in Sweden and I try to visit one or two tattoo conventions and to squeeze in a guest spot as well whilst in Europe. 

Time will tell when I am able to go back to travels, meanwhile I tattoo out of my private studio in Bali.

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Guest Work
Tattoo Conventions

Currently only in

- Bali


No plans

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How To
Book An
With Me


How to request an appointment:

Since I am not anymore working fulltime in Sweden, I only take appointments when I have a planned trip to either Sweden or an Guest spot or Tattoo Convention in any other country.
Read Above about my travel plans. 

When you send me an email about requesting an appointment with me,
Please include the following information in your email:

-Subject 'Request an appointment in xxxx in xxxx' (the country and city)

-Your name

-Your mobile number (with the land code included)

-Your email address

-Tell me again in what city or country (if your city or country is not on my list of upcoming guestspot or tattoo convention, you can still send me a email and request to be put on a wish-list of cities i might plan in to the future)

-Explain to me what you want to get tattooed, include all useful information about style, looks, positions (ex face in neo traditional style profile facing left)

-What body part you wish to get tattooed on and send a picture of the placement.

-Tell me how big you want it to be, in centimeter.

-If it is a coverup, I need to see a picture of the old tattoo.

Send the email to:

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Cosmos Kajsa Tattoo

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Awards &

Articles and awars

During my years of tattooing I have attended several different tattoo conventions. And I have always found it exciting to compete in the competitions. Not to win, but to show my work to a bigger crowd.

Luckily, I have not only been able to show of my work in various countries, but I have also won multiple awards, mostly for Best of Old School/ Traditional and Best Small One in Sweden and in Europe.

I am also proud to be have interviewed by some of the biggest European Tattoo Magazines when paper-magazines were still the only way to showcase your way in media.
And one interview with the female owned online magazine. Unfortunately I don't keep the copies with me in Bali. But you can see the front pictures in some of them in the gallery.


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