I am Kajsa


I am a creative soul I am a vegan, a feminist who feed my mind in the peaceful green nature, by the ocean and in the spiritual world.
I see the world in colors and find all my inspiration for my art and tattoos from the nature, in natural shaped patterns, the colors of nature and in ancient sculptures and cultures.


What I Do

Many of you know me as the owner of Red Rose Tattoo, which is my old shop name that has been following me now for 10 years but its is time to let go and move on. 
I wanted to be more personal and private with using my own name and I choose CosmosKajsa.com to be the platform for everything that I do.

I have been in the tattoo scene since 2006 with 2,5 years apprenticeship. And I have, as long I can remember, had an interest in art and to create, hence my multi creative lifestyle.


I have been exploring different art styles and different medium since childhood. I mostly sell my art when I travel to tattoo conventions but I also sell online and has buyers from all over the world. 

In 2019 I started my own Jewelry Brand where I design all jewelry which later is handmade by Indonesian artisans.
I am in the learning of using an artform I was super fascinated by in high school, to to enamel, so I will collaborate with my art creations on my designed jewelry.
Find my jewelry brand ROOTS Body Jewelry on Instagram here.

I also create macramé necklaces with gemstones and sell them usually when I travel. But you will also find them in my online shop when I have made some new.