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I am a self-thought artist/ painter and I am still learning every day.

When I paint, I mostly use liquid Watercolors on cold pressed 300 g paper & I especially like to mix mediums with posca pen, markers and sometimes glitter glue for unique effects.

I use Acrylics, both liquid and regular acrylics, depending on what I paint or what the customer is requesting for their custom ordered artwork.

I also enjoy to paint with only markers, I use Pro marker pen for color and usually Staedtler for details.

All my artwork is unique and one of a kind. 

I usually would spend some hours sketching on my idea first in my head and then on the paper, before I start painting.

I also enjoy to paint intuitively, with no plan, just going with the flow and paint what comes to my mind if it is shapes or colors or details.


And I do Meditation paintings, where I would meditate and paint what I saw or felt during the meditation session. It could be colors, patterns, emotions, sensations etc.

When I paint with watercolors and posca pens, I work in layers, and I usually spend in total 10-15 hours and on the most detailed artwork sometimes double or triple ammount of hours.

Since 2017 I have been painting almost daily and have sold multiple artwork all over the world. I appreciate that so much.
I mostly sell my original artwork, but is also planning on making prints for sale.

Follow my Blog page for updates with work in progress, timelapse when I am painting and much more fun to read.

I do take on Commissions or Custom designed artwork & tattoo designs.

The price of custom ordered artwork depends on many factors. First of all, to be able to quote your idea, I need to know what style you wish the artwork to be in, how big, what material and art medium you want me to use.
My calculations is depending on this information.

Start by thinking of what it is you want to make:

Maybe you like my style of creating art, but you have something specific in mind that you want me to paint in my style?! 

Or you have an idea of making a design for your company to print on t-shirts or other merchandise?

Send me your request by filling in the form below, including all the details I need to know.

Or send your request to my email
with the subject 'Custom order Artwork request'

-Write in your email what idea you have in mind.

-If it is a birth-painting or a personalized portrait or a zodiac painting, include all possible information.

-Include what medium you want me to use, ex watercolor, acrylics, pro markers.

-Tell me what size you prefer.

-If it is a tattoo design, use the same information as for my tattoo appointment request and inform me that you only will buy the design.

-If you don't have a clue of what you want to customize, but you know that you want me to do it, you can ask me for help to brainstorm great ideas for you.

After I receive your request, I will get back to you with all details and a price quotation.


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Cosmos Kajsa

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